Elf Employment

In the holiday season of 2012, the Puppet Improv Project merrily brought to the stage an improvised puppet musical set in the magical landscape Santa’s Workshop!

The show featured a new Special Guest Star each night playing the role of “Santa”. Audience suggestions lead the cast of puppet elves and woodland creatures through a magical adventure.

The show played weekends at the Salvage Vanguard Theater, in the Studio Theater during the first three weekends in December.

This was the first improvised show where the PIP developed personalities and backstories tied each of the elf puppets, then improvised using those personas.

Photograph by Annie Ray

Ammon Taylor

Ammon Taylor

12/02 Deano Jones
12/03 Tom Booker 
12/09 Akina Adderley
12/10 Buzz Moran 
12/16 Les McGehee
12/17 John Ratliff

Kate Bojanek
Sara Farr (dir)
Topping Haggerty
Howard Katz
Patrick Knisley
Amy McKenna
Jesse Overright
Chadwick Smith

The show was a success and reprised the following year in 2013 with a new cast, and a new set of “Santa” Guest Stars.

2013 Cast
Jesse Overright (top left), Shawn Utterback, Bryan Curry,
Camille Hartman (bottom left), Amy McSmith, Jennifer Bateman, Sara Farr