The most sophisticated people I know Рinside they are all children.  ~Jim Henson

The Puppet Improv Project (located in Austin, TX)

The PIP started as an experiment to explore improvisation through puppetry. The founder and producing artistic director, Sara Farr, decided to spend one year exploring puppetry and improvisational comedy through puppetry, to see what would come of it. The first big show, “Crack!” was a puppet musical with a new guest star every show. Since then, the PIP has produced a variety of shows, and is now creating scripted work with integrated improv elements to foster audience interaction. The use of a script facilitates larger, more complicated puppets that require several puppeteers and choregraphed movement.

Mission: Explore improvisation and puppetry through both traditional and non-traditional forms of performance

Founded in January of 2009, the PIP has been providing quality shows to the public ever since. Located in Austin TX, the Puppet Improv Project fosters interest in puppet performance through improvised shows, scripted plays, classes and workshops for the Central Texas community.

“It’s improv. It’s puppets. It’s awesome!”
~Workshop Attendee (Improv With Puppets)

Principle Members

Sara Farr – Artistic Director
Ammon Taylor – Musical Director