Fun Fact: “TRASH” was constructed of 90% recycled or repurposed materials

“TRASH” was the PIP’s first scripted show. This 40 minute musical is a monster lesson for kids (and their adults) to reduce, reuse, recycle. The story begins with a harmless compost pile that feeds off the city’s thoughtless waste. It quickly morphs into a monster trash heap that threatens to consume everything. Only when the city learns to manage their monster-sized waste problems do they regain control and rescue their citizens.

“Trash” original cast performing at Austin’s Doughtery Arts Center

This feel-good musical with original songs is created through the collaborative efforts of producer/director Sara Farr, writer/actor Joel Ausanka, and composer Ammon Taylor. It combines muppet-style puppetry with both scripted text and improvisation to create an interactive theater experience that is truly unique. Check out the production notes on our BLOG to see how this unique show developed! ]

Original “Trash” Cast – Joel Ausanka, Jennifer Bateman, Elizabeth Buchanan, Chadwick Wellington
Sara Farr – Creative Director
Ammon Taylor – Musical Director